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Our company name, Tendere Hair, not only defines what we do in the literal sense but also figuratively as well. We believe, through our hair extensions, we stretch, we expand, we extend, the full potential of your beauty, both inside and out.


The majority of our clients have always wanted, even yearned for that luscious, full-bodied, long hair look. Many have tried multiple methods like weaves, clip-ins or other extension techniques before coming to see us. But after one session with Tendere Hair, that search stops. Our clients are elated with our services. With our personable specialists, we will walk you through the experience of having that hair you’ve always wanted. We provide you with our professional recommendations on hair care, products and maintenance. You will leave satisfied and confident when you entrust us with your hair extension needs.


In some specialized cases, women have come to us suffering from hormonal hair loss, alopecia or cancer related hair loss. No matter the cause or reason, we know how to handle your situation with respect, care and the utmost discretion. Schedule a consultation, and let us provide you with the path to safe, healthy, hair.

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