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Hair Extensions


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Welcome to our Los Angeles hair extension studio! Here is where we will have some fun determining what type of hair extensions will be best for you. Here are descriptions of each method.

Micro Link/Micro Loop extensions: This method is most commonly done in our salon. Micro link and Micro loop extensions are amazing because it does not damage the hair.

The micro links and micro loops are applied using a small micro link or loop, the sizes we use are custom to each client. We are proud to say we are the best and we are true hair extension specialists in Los Angeles that offer such a custom form when working with micro link or micro loop hair extensions. We can create just about anything using micro link hair extensions. Trust us we know, we are specialists! Micro link and Micro Loop are also the best method for those with finer hair or thinning hair. Our hair can also be found in most textures including curly. This method can be used for around 9 months with proper care.

Clip-in hair extensions: This method is the best for special events and red carpets. We require clients to come in and see our hair extension specialists for fittings and custom colored clipins. Our hair can be custom made such as a adding a curly texture and enjoyed for years to come.

Mermaid hair extensions: This method is best used for those clients who want length and tons of fullness. It is called the thickest hair in the “Sea”. This is a micro link hair extension and only comes in 22 inch hair. The client will achieve that mermaid hair look and can wear their hair curly or straight. This hair can be used for about 9 months with proper care,Hot Heads tape-in extensions: This method can be used for just about anyone as the tape tabs come in a variety of sizes, lengths and textures. This hair extension method works best for clients that have natural hair past their shoulders. Hotheads hair extensions can be used for about 6 months with proper care.

Habit Hand Tied Wefts: This method uses a weft and a micro bead extension to attach the weft to the natural hair. This method can give you fullness and length in a short amount of time. This hair extension method is best for clients that have shoulder length hair.

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