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we know hair. we know extensions.


tape in extensions

We specialize in various hair extensions methods: Micro Links, Hotheads, Hand Tied, Mermaid, and Cyber hair. We will determine the best fit for you during your consultation. With over 10 years of experience strictly in the hair replacement industry, we are seasoned experts that pride ourselves in our close attention to detail, color blending, hair extension safety, problem solving, vendor relations and customer service. Our hair extensions can be reused and easily removed. We recommend clients return for a maintenance every 1 to 3 months to move up the hair so as to keep your natural hair healthy and balanced. 


hand tied extensions

Our hair is 100% manufactured human hair. Using industry proven research methodologies, we control the quality of the finished hair product. Kept at an in-house laboratory, all hair is batch tested for moisture content, strength, surface energy and elasticity, which is important for tangle prevention. In addition to testing finished hair, lab instruments are used to establish test production techniques with regard to bleaching, dyeing, blending, color matching and other mechanical practices for ensuring long lasting natural hair extensions. Our hair will last you 9 months to a year.



Micro Link Extensions

Micro Link: Using various size beads to achieve any look desired. This is perfect for fine hair and clients with hair loss. A bead is attached to your natural hair and an I-tip hair extension is inserted. 

Hand Tied Rows: Perfect for the client who wants tons of hair and has shoulder length hair. A weft of hair is attached using a bead and your natural hair. 

Mermaid Hair: 24 inch hair (the longest) that will have you looking like a mermaid in no time. Micro Link method using a 2 gram strand! Twice the amount of hair as a regular Micro Link strand. Hello Instagram!

HotHeads Hair: Various sizes of Tape-in tabs which can be applied in an hour or less.

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