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Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

Clients ask us all the time what can they do to make sure they are taking care of their hair extensions. One of our most important suggestions is for clients to return every two months to upkeep their hair extensions. Maintenance is highly recommended for hair extensions as it keeps tangles and breakage at bay. Hair extensions can get a bad rap when they are not properly maintained. Clients also need to be maintaining their hair extensions with an educated hair extension stylist.

Hair extensions beauties should only be washing their hair every couple of days as to not dry out the extensions. After conditioning the hair extensions, they should use a wide tooth comb. If clients have tangles they are encouraged to start working the tangle out by combing the ends first and then softly combing up the hair shaft. Never go to sleep with wet hair extensions, always make sure to dry them with a blow dryer before bed.

Lastly, hair extension clients should always use hair extension formulated products like Tendere Hair Shampoo and Conditioner which is engineered for extensions.

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