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Hair Extension Services


Hot Heads Tape-Ins: $500-$1,200

Micro Link Small Package: $500+

Micro Link Medium Package: $700+

Micro Link Large Package: $1000+

Habit Hand-Tied: $1,100+

Mermaid Hair: $1,200+



a complimentary consultation is required for exact pricing as there are several variables involved and no two cases are ever the same.



additional services

color re-touch $90+

full color $125+

partial highlights $125+

full highlights $175+

toner $30+

cut $80+

blow out $40+

treatments $30+

Professional, non-damaging, beautiful hair extensions for every kind of hair issue.

Our specialization lies in our application of our hair extensions and problem solving which method would be most beneficial to each individual client based on their hair. We work individually with each client to achieve the look in which they desire. We are overachievers and have our clients walking out of our salon feeling confident and happy.

We do various hair extension methods suiting each individual client. In some cases we will do two to three different methods on a client to achieve the end result. We understand that by working with various methods we will be able to service the client to achieve optimum results. Tendere Hair also understands that one single method does not cater to every client. We specialize in Micro Links and Loops, Hotheads Hair Extensions, Mermaid Hair, Cyber Hair, Clip-ins and Habit Hand Tied Wefts. Our hair is carefully sourced and textures can vary from straight, wavy to curly. We have endless hair extensions colors and we can also custom color hair extensions if needed. Each hair extension application is done with care, after a thourough consultation to determine which method would benefit each client.

Hair Extension with Expertise!

The art of extending hair requires extensive training, experience, expertise and dedication. Our hair extension specialists undergo a rigorous training process from the best hair extension experts in the industry, to learn the nuances involved in extending a hair which has lost its sheen or life due to several problems. This training allows our specialists to understand and understand the requirements of a client perfectly on their first consultation visit. The consultation is done by our specialists in Los Angeles before proceeding with our extension application services. During the consultation we will determine which hair extension colors will be used, which methods best services the client and examine how much hair will be needed. After the consultation the client

will be more educated on which method would be most beneficial for their hair type.


Hair Types and Extensions

We cater to all kinds of hair types, colors and textures! We have extended curly, straight, wavy or thin, lifeless hairs to bring back the natural hair to looking beautiful. Our specialists are experts in hair extension application, and achieving natural looking results. After the initial hair extension application clients return in 6 to 8 weeks for a maintenance appointment to ensure your natural hair remains healthy and the hair extensions are kept looking their best.


Our Hair Extension ranges are best in the market!

 Our clients have various suggestions and wishes regarding the extensions. While some like the clip-ins, the others opt for loops and micro links. While we take in their requests, we ask our clients to come for an initial consultation to determine what will work best for their hair and lifestyle. We provide natural, laboratory tested hair, well-preserved in our laboratories under the correct moisture content to retain its elasticity. The life of our hair extensions lasts between 9-12 months when properly taken care of. Call us for a complimentary consultation and appointment, and get rid of those bad hair days


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