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Celebrity Clients

 Hair Extension

Celebrity Clients

Over the years, on our incredible journey of creating and extending hairs to look luscious and full-bodied, we have additionally serviced celebrities and have done hair for film and TV. Our celebrity clients trust us with their hair to look its best when appearing on red carpets or the big screen.


We take pride in our work and use the finest hair extensions on the market today. We offer Micro Link and Loops, Mermaid Hair Extensions, Habit Hand Tied Weft, Hotheads Tape-Ins, and Cyber hair to ensure there are no bad hair days to hamper on their talents.

We have a commitment to using only 100% natural hair for our extensions in Los Angeles, CA. It is our belief in giving our celebrity clients and all other clients the best methods and services, in the market today. We have brought in new technology, continued our education and deliver consistent non-damaging results.


Hair Extensions with Care

Our hair extensions are designed with care and critical analysis. Our in-house laboratory in Los Angeles, California is equipped to maintain the natural sheen and moisture content in the hair preserved for the extensions. Our hair extensions can be used for up to a year and keep their luster and shine. 

Long-Lasting hair with best results

The celebrity clients who have come to us are serviced with seasoned hair extension experts. Our experts have undergone thorough training and know the intricacies involved in hair extensions. As our commitment towards our clients, we give keen attention to detail, such as the conditions of clients hair color, texture and length. These details help us deliver the best results for our clients.

Our hair extensions last typically around nine months to a year, depending upon its usage and care. We are here for any consultation, questions and after-treatment care and support.

As our motto – We Know Hair, We Know Hair Extensions!

Never have a bad hair day- visit us for a consultation and take back the hair you have always dreamed of! You can count on our discretion and expertise in making your hair shine! Visit us in Los Angeles, CA for a consultation to see our products and methods.

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